What clients say

Charles Speer and Aldebaran Group have been my saviors on many a time when our system has had issues!

Aldebaran Group has never failed to respond quickly to resolve any issue, no matter how big or small, with expediency and verify that I am satisfied with the resolution. Aldebaran has implemented many upgrades and have always accommodated not only our budget but our working schedules as well.

I would highly recommend, and have on multiple occasions, Charles Speer and Aldebaran Group to anyone who is considering a change with their current IT company or starting a new business.


We have worked with Alan for many years and he has always come through for us on every job he has done. He’s a great extension of our team, working closely with us to always deliver the best result for our attorneys. Alan is there for us whenever we need him.

Director of Information Technology
Gilbert LLP

Squire, Lemkin + Company, LLP have used Aldebaran Group for the last several years. Being an accounting firm we need our systems to be top notch and secure at all times. Aldebaran Group is continually taking a proactive approach to issues, alerts and keeping us top notch and secure at all times. They are always very responsive to our request no matter whether it is early morning, late at night, weekend or a weekday when they are not scheduled to be in our office. I always get a response and resolution in no more than 30 minutes. Our critical systems have continued to be up at a rate of 99.99% of the time. All of their personnel are very personal and a pleasure to work with. These are some of the reasons we continue to use Aldebaran Group and would highly recommend them.

Firm Administrator
Squire, Lemkin + Company, LLP

Aldebaran Group is, hands down, the first vendor I recommend to colleagues when asked about services that our firm uses. I have known and worked with Charles Speer for over 15 years. He is known to our firm as "Charles in Charge." Charles and the entire Aldebaran Group are trustworthy, knowledgeable and reliable. We have two points of contact at Aldebaran Group, both of whom know the firm's computer system inside and out. This consistency is not only helpful, but cost effective and reassuring. Aldebaran Group always has the firm's best interest in mind when coming up with solutions for the office. They understand the firm's budget and always work with us to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our network safe and protected, and to stay ahead of the computer and office technology curve. As an office manager for a busy and growing law firm, I am exceptionally grateful for the services and peace of mind provided by Aldebaran Group.

Office Manager
Cooper Ginsberg Gray

Robert Kinnell has been a trusted advisor to Reno & Cavanaugh since 2001, and we have been clients of the Aldebaran Group since its founding. Aldebaran handles our IT infrastructure from network installation to end user support and has been instrumental in maintaining a stable network environment enabling us to focus on our expanding business rather than information technology. Over the years, Robert and Aldebaran have helped us navigate successive generations of technology and software to make sure we have secure, reliable, and cost effective systems across our three offices.

Reno & Cavanaugh relies on Aldebaran for proactive network monitoring and management and we depend on them to resolve issues/alerts without waiting for input from us. We are thankful for Aldebaran’s responsiveness to emergencies both large and small - from assisting staff members with technology issues on weekends to larger scale network issues. Aldebaran are always prepared to work long hours and do what it takes to complete new installations on time or make sure the network is up and running to minimize disruption to our business.
Aldebaran Group are more than a service provider to Reno & Cavanaugh, they are our technology partner.

Chief Operating Officer
Reno & Cavanaugh, PLLC

Without a doubt, Aldebaran Group is my most trusted business partner in the management of my law firm. I have worked with the principals at Aldebaran for over 15 years, and they have provided me with the continuity that is so critical to my IT infrastructure. They are methodical in their design and implementation of new hardware and software, always taking into account my firm’s unique situation and needs. When a problem/issue arises, they are incredibly responsive (usually less than 15 minutes). The beauty of this group is that it doesn’t matter who responds – they are all well versed in my specific system and software and are able to begin to troubleshoot immediately. They are able to explain things to me using “non-technical” terms, so a lay person is able to understand what is going on and the solution that is being proposed. My firm relies heavily on appropriate and well-designed technology, and Aldebaran consistently delivers these critical functions.

Eichner Norris & Neumann PLLC

Robert Kinnell has been assisting this firm with regards to computer and system maintenance and support for the last 17 years. Mr. Kinnell initially worked for two separate companies providing these services for us. We thought so highly of his expertise, professionalism and ability that, when Mr. Kinnell went to work for a different company, we immediately switched to that company so that he would continue to assist us. Similarly, when he opened up Aldebaran we immediately signed up for that company as well.

In a nutshell, I cannot imagine how much more difficult it would be to try to function without Mr. Kinnell's services. And this certainly goes far beyond his unquestionable technical knowledge. It goes to his attitude regarding customer service. Mr. Kinnell has accommodated our scheduling needs by working weekends, evenings, early mornings, and other odd times. I have found that when necessary, I can email a technical question to Mr. Kinnell even at night or over a weekend and will usually receive his reply with a solution within a few hours. Furthermore, this same level of customer service and professional ability to meet our specialized needs can be found in all of Aldebaran's employees and is why we continue to utilize those resources today, without reservation. Frankly, a company that can continue to keep a law firm — with all of its inherent quirks and unique personalities — happy for more than 17 years must be providing extraordinary customer support.

The technical expertise displayed by Aldebaran and its employees is without question. Mr. Kinnell guided us from the Mac world to PCs in the late 1980s and has kept us abreast of the latest, most useful and appropriate technology since then. We have used him and his company not only to perform maintenance and upgrade functions but to also help us design and price new hardware and software options to enhance our performance.

I highly recommend both Mr. Kinnell personally and Aldebaran. If I can provide any further information or you have any questions concerning him or his company, please feel free to give me a call at (202) 342-2550.

Cohen Mohr

We have used Charles Speer of Aldebaran for over 15 years and were delighted when he went out on his own. Charles and his team are unfailingly responsive and knowledgeable. I have yet to encounter a computer or network problem he couldn’t solve! All of us at Lynx recommend Aldebaran highly.

Lynx Investment Advisory

Robert Kinnell has provided excellent support and maintenance for our law firm's IT systems for over 20 years, through his employment with several companies and a number of upgrades to our systems. When Robert and others started Aldebaran Group (2010?), of course we became clients of their company and continue until today.

We greatly appreciate the ability of Aldebaran personnel to speak to us in language we can understand while drawing from an amazing depth of knowledge about technology and the latest options. We feel they pay attention to what is important to us, as individuals and as a business, in how we like to work and what we want or do not want. They monitor our systems and make corrections to avoid the majority of problems. They make suggestions on upgrades for services and programs that might serve our needs better. All the folks at Aldebaran with whom we have worked seem to coordinate well with each other; someone is always readily available to step in to help when a problem arises, and quick resolution of issues is the norm.

We recommend Aldebaran's services without hesitation.


Office Administrator
Passman & Kaplan, PC

Working with the Aldebaran Group was my first experience with an IT consultant. I moved from a large firm with a department of IT specialists to a smaller law firm where I was tasked with handling all aspects of IT. I turned to the Aldebaran Group and they have been amazing. They are very proactive, making sure that I have the appropriate IT matters on my horizon and, in particular, they stay on budget. When an uncontrollable disaster strikes, they have always been ready and available even if it means coming on-site unplanned. They are extremely professional, diligent, knowledgeable and well-liked by all at my firm. The Aldebaran Group has made my job as the administrator easier for sure!

Office Administrator
Millen White Zelano & Branigan

Our firm is extremely pleased with the IT operations and related services provided by Aldebaran Group. We are a small law firm, and Aldebaran Group began looking after our IT needs approximately a year ago. They inherited a real IT nightmare; however, they quickly put our IT house back in order, and thanks to their great work, our IT costs are down. The consultants are knowledgeable, work efficiently, and get things done right the first time. I highly recommend Aldebaran Group.