Without a doubt, Aldebaran Group is my most trusted business partner in the management of my law firm. I have worked with the principals at Aldebaran for over 15 years, and they have provided me with the continuity that is so critical to my IT infrastructure. They are methodical in their design and implementation of new hardware and software, always taking into account my firm’s unique situation and needs. When a problem/issue arises, they are incredibly responsive (usually less than 15 minutes). The beauty of this group is that it doesn’t matter who responds – they are all well versed in my specific system and software and are able to begin to troubleshoot immediately. They are able to explain things to me using “non-technical” terms, so a lay person is able to understand what is going on and the solution that is being proposed. My firm relies heavily on appropriate and well-designed technology, and Aldebaran consistently delivers these critical functions.

Adele M. Hook
Norris George & Ostrow PLLC