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Streamline your processes and improve efficiencies

Managing litigation support effectively can be a real challenge for firms and legal departments of all sizes. Litigation support staff, paralegals, legal assistants, associates, and legal secretaries find themselves working with technology they have little experience with. All too often, the size and complexities of data collection, processing, review, and production are beyond their experience and resources. This is where Aldebaran Group can help.

Why us?

Aldebaran Group has worked in litigation technology even before it became a recognized discipline. From the earliest litigation databases to track paper in boxes, through the development of document imaging, and on to today’s complex world of e-Discovery, our consultants have helped clients make the most of the latest products in litigation technology.

We’re experienced in the leading software applications on the market, whether installed on your in-house networks or hosted on a cloud-based data center. Our team is able to work closely with attorneys, paralegals, document review teams, and vendors to manage all stages of the litigation process.

Our consultants work regularly with law firms of all sizes — from AMLAW 100 firms to local boutique litigation firms.

We are your trusted Litigation
Technology Resource

With extensive experience in litigation casework and technology, we are able to offer highly-effective assistance to your case team from assisting paralegals with technical information from vendors to working with firm partners to develop collection and review strategies. Unlike most industry vendors, we are not tied to any particular software or service provider and can act solely in your interest and that of your clients. When you sign up with Aldebaran Group, you are partnering with an advocate.

Aldebaran Group is a robust and knowledgeable addition to any litigation team and can provide the experience and creative thinking needed to improve and streamline the litigation process.

Our IT Support for Legal Professionals include:

  • Vendor selection
  • Application selection
  • Contracts and management
  • Data processing management
  • Development of document coding and review protocols
  • Client communications and relationship management
  • Workflow development
  • Operation of numerous litigation support database packages
    • Preparation of complex document productions
    • Assistance with complicated data deliveries and database loads
    • Assistance with software installation and configuration
  • Electronic transcript and communications management
  • Electronic Discovery consulting
  • Data search
  • Database design and reporting
  • Trial management/war room design and implementation

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