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As a professional, you go to work every day to use your expertise, experience and knowledge to help other people. So what you don't want is to waste your precious time trying to micromanage your IT or stress about your office computers and networks. Fixing printers and dealing with virus attacks wasn't your vocation, after all.

Well the specialists at Aldebaran Group have their own vocation too. We set up this business with the aim of helping professionals in Washington DC get the most out of their IT systems, to enhance efficiency in their offices and to streamline their interactions with clients.

We are the capital's leading Information Technology and Litigation Support solutions provider and our team specializes in providing IT consulting and litigation support to law firms, professional service firms, and associations across Washington and beyond.

Expert guidance when you need it

We’re experts at managing and supporting IT operations for both small and mid-size firms of professionals. We aim to give you back time to focus on your clients and core business by ensuring that you have the software and infrastructure in place to improve efficiency in your office. As so many of our clients deal with sensitive data, Aldebaran Group takes great pride in offering a range of security solutions that ensure you're always safe and compliant with all necessary regulations.

So when you choose Aldebaran Group as your IT partner, you'll not only enjoy long-term support but also benefit from a range of other services, including:

  • Solutions that make processes more efficient and improve billing procedures.
  • Better ways to protect and manage your data, whether it’s on a desktop, laptop, office server or in the Cloud.
  • A secure, locked down in-house network which is resistant to outside threats and infiltration.
  • A highly effective and constantly updated disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
  • Virtualization technologies that make more efficient use of your available computing and storage resources.
  • Professional technical litigation support for all of your litigation needs.
  • Cloud technology solutions tailored for your business needs.

Aldebaran Group is your experienced partner and IT consultant. We possess the knowledge and technical expertise to guide your organization to greater productivity. Let’s face it, greater productivity means larger profits.

So why are we called Aldebaran?


We go by the name Aldebaran as we lead the way when it comes to IT in Washington DC and are a shining beacon of hope to our clients.

One of the largest and brightest stars in the night sky, Aldebaran is more than 65 light years away and more than 40 times larger and 150 times brighter than the sun. It forms the right eye of the bull in the constellation Taurus.

Before electronics, radar and GPS, travelers and sailors depended on the stars to determine their position and to guide them to their destination. The brightness and distinctive color of the star Aldebaran have made it an important navigational tool for centuries. We drew inspiration from Aldebaran’s navigational role when launching our business. We seek to employ the brightest stars in our industry to provide guidance for your business.

Aldebaran Group will help your business navigate a path to success by tailoring Information Technology solutions that complement your goals and budget.

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