Windows 7 End of Life (EOL) is fewer than 12 months away!

In the tech world, the term End of Life is generally accepted to mean the time when a hardware or software manufacturer no longer supports a product.  Of all the decisions your firm needs to make regarding the timing of upgrades and replacement of hardware and software, the decision with what to do about End of Life (EOL) computer assets is simple.

Up Your Game – EclipseSE Litigation Database for the Small-Mid-size Firm


Small to mid-size firms are sometimes at a disadvantage when litigating against larger firms or competing for litigation engagements.  The disadvantage isn’t the capabilities of the attorneys, but simply the access the larger firms have to expensive software and staff that process and manage discovery.

I lost my document! Document Management Systems (DMS)

Help! I Lost My Document!

As IT consultants, that's a statement we hear fairly often. It is a statement you may never need to make again if you implement a Document Management System (DMS). With a DMS, you don’t need to know where you saved the document because the DMS takes care of knowing for you, significantly reducing the 'human error' factor that contributes to the "mysterious disappearance" of documents.