Robert Kinnell has been a trusted advisor to Reno & Cavanaugh since 2001, and we have been clients of the Aldebaran Group since its founding. Aldebaran handles our IT infrastructure from network installation to end user support and has been instrumental in maintaining a stable network environment enabling us to focus on our expanding business rather than information technology. Over the years, Robert and Aldebaran have helped us navigate successive generations of technology and software to make sure we have secure, reliable, and cost effective systems across our three offices.

Reno & Cavanaugh relies on Aldebaran for proactive network monitoring and management and we depend on them to resolve issues/alerts without waiting for input from us. We are thankful for Aldebaran’s responsiveness to emergencies both large and small - from assisting staff members with technology issues on weekends to larger scale network issues. Aldebaran are always prepared to work long hours and do what it takes to complete new installations on time or make sure the network is up and running to minimize disruption to our business.
Aldebaran Group are more than a service provider to Reno & Cavanaugh, they are our technology partner.

Shaun Leighton
Chief Operating Officer
Reno & Cavanaugh, PLLC