Aldebaran Managed Workstation

bullbanner_managed-workstation A managed proactive approach to updating and protecting your workstations Patch Management The most vulnerable computers on your network are those missing current software patches for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and essential 3rd party components such as Java, Adobe Flash, and Acrobat. Our workstation management tools automate the installation of these patches to help minimize the risks of malicious software attacks. Patches are put through a whitelisting process before installation, reducing the likelihood of downtime resulting from flawed patches. Workstation Monitoring Our workstation monitoring software will notify us of issues on your workstations, often before they become an issue that affects your employee productivity. Without such a central monitoring tool, it is difficult to know if a machine on your network is missing a critical patch, thereby exposing your entire network to an attack. Anti-Virus Our managed workstation service includes a license for Webroot EndPoint Protection. Webroot scores well on tests for anti-virus detection, remediation and speed. Webroot can replace your existing anti-virus software subscription, defraying the cost of workstation management. Anti-Malware Industry leading Malwarebytes anti-malware software in included for each Aldebaran managed workstation. If you currently don’t use an anti-malware software, Malwarebytes is an important addition to the protection of your workstations. If you already have a subscription for anti-malware software, that subscription can be canceled for each managed workstation, further off-setting the cost of workstation management. Implementation In most situations, we can deploy our workstation management software automatically in the background while your staff continues to use their computer. The process to remove existing anti-virus or anti-malware software will depend on the current installations. Your Aldebaran consultant will review the specifics and plan a smooth migration with you. Cost We charge a reasonable fixed monthly fee of $9 per workstation for workstation monitoring and patch management. Patched and monitored machines mean reduced vulnerability to viruses, malware and hardware induced downtime. Support costs are also typically reduced. Your Aldebaran consultant can identify additional benefits specific to your environment. Get in touch today!

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