Network security

We recognize the value of your network

Today's cyber criminals have numerous motives and countless imaginative tactics to achieve their goals. Their attacks range from brute force firewall attacks to cleverly crafted e-mail phishing schemes directed to your firm's accounting manager.

If you feel that your office is not a likely target for a cyber-attack, then you are making your first network security mistake. We are all at risk. Cyber criminals are achieving enormous profits by turning personal computers and servers into spam zombies and by encrypting and holding network documents for ransom payments.

Aldebaran Group's network consultants have decades of hands-on experience addressing the security needs of law firms and small businesses. Whether you are looking for a one-time cyber security assessment or regularly scheduled reviews, we are here to help.

Among other things, our multi-faceted assessment will include:

  • Detailed review of the network’s firewall configuration
  • Anti-virus software audit
  • E-mail security assessment (including spam, anti-virus, file attachment, and hyper-link policies)
  • Review of network password and lockout policies
  • Review of mobile computer and smartphone security policies
  • Remote access security
  • Network account audit, including improper use of Administrator accounts
  • Shared folder and file permission audit
  • Review of logging and alerting levels for firewalls, servers, and anti-virus systems
  • Internet content filter benefit analysis
  • Data backup and business continuity assessment
  • Review of Employee Internet use policies

Are your employees Internet ready?

Regardless of how much time and money you spend planning and installing network security equipment and software, you are likely still at risk if you have not taken into consideration an often overlooked – yet vitally important – aspect of network security: the Internet habits of your employees.

Cyber criminals have long recognized that the weakest link any security plan is the employee. The bad guys have an array of scams in their arsenal, including mass mailings of falsified e-mail notices as well as very personalized messages directed to a specific individual at your office. All it takes is one or two clicks of a malicious e-mail link or pop-up message and your network could be compromised. Cyber criminals have also been known to phone employees directly to lure them to a false tech support web site, strategically leave infected flash drives in bathroom stalls or elevators, and send perfectly fabricated e-mail messages appearing to come from a local business partner.

In additional to installing a proper security infrastructure, employees need to be educated and regularly reminded about cyber-security risks. Boundaries need to be set for employees using a combination of tools and, equally importantly, company policy. The experts at Aldebaran Group will work with you to design employee security guidelines featuring the right balance of security and productivity for your business.

The Internet is essential to your business operations, but let’s face it, it’s really not always a nice place! Our best advice... never let down your guard and schedule your security assessment with Aldebaran Group today!

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