Why we are different

There are hundreds of IT providers offering their services in and around Washington DC and many of these do wonderful work. But very few of these companies know the ins and outs of financial firms and legal practices and so cannot tailor their services accordingly.

Aldebaran Group is different. Based in the heart of the capital's legal district, we have a long history of helping small and medium law firms and businesses with IT and litigation support and have long stayed abreast of changes in the industry and kept up with all the technology developed to help legal and financial firms to do their jobs.

After all, while the practice of law is still steeped in tradition, the tools lawyers have at their disposal have never been more cutting edge. And Aldebaran Group can deliver this new technology to help legal firms become more productive than ever. Here are just a few of our services:

  • E-discovery
  • Case and document management
  • Electronic time and billing software
  • E-discovery software
  • Online legal services
  • Technical litigation support
  • Infrastructure and network design for firms

This gives you time back to spend with your clients. After all, you didn't spend years of hard study at law school or university to spend your time fiddling with frustrating IT issues.

State-of-the-art security

The need for expert legal IT solutions is more important than ever especially when it comes to security. Cyber attacks on law firms are becoming increasingly common. Aldebaran Group understands how law firms have unique needs when it comes to compliance and security issues as they often deal with personal and confidential information from clients, not to mention clients of the opposing counsel. Aldebaran Group has the expertise and experience to put protection in place to secure such vital data and ensure you comply with all laws and regulations.

We can boast nearly two decades of experience in helping the capital's law and financial firms improve productivity using some of the many cutting edge IT solutions out there. And we can do the same for you.

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